I’ve been meaning to write for months and say thanks again for what was an awesome riding adventure.  We came back to a shutdown here in Aust and have been flat-out since due to breakdowns as well.

Craigo and I had planned to ride PNG since we got back from a Cape York trip we did in August 2015 and I’m so glad it finally happened.  The Cape York trip was great, we got to ride every day on all sorts of terrain and do it with our mates, but I left feeling like it was a little too well oiled.  When you’re standing at “The Tip” and there is a queue of a hundred grey nomads getting off the bus to get photos, it occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t as adventurous as I’d first thought!

PNG held the promise of a riding adventure that few had done before me.  A place that might have represented what a Cape York ride would have been like 40 years ago.  A place where the people, the countryside and the riding is like no other.  A land of the Unexpected.

When we landed in Lae we were met by Willie at the airport.  We didn’t know what to expect and were probably a bit nervous, but when we pulled up at your place I immediately felt at home.  There were bikes getting prepped while the SP Lager was going down and I was surrounded by a bunch of good blokes who loved their riding.  From there on the trip just got better and better.

In the 6 days of riding we covered over 800km of the most varied country imaginable.  We were only meant to do 5 days, but just had to do more of Lake Wanum, it’s magic there!  From rocky riverbeds and crossings, knee-deep mud, highlands and lakes, villages and towns, kids hiding in the jungle, nothing I’ve seen in Australia quite compares.

Some of the riding days were the hardest I’ve ever done, despite the distances being relatively low.  I thought I was going to get stress fractures in my arms from that back road into Wau!  The locals proved to be so friendly and welcoming of anyone on bikes.  A bonus was getting the chance to choose our rides from modern Enduro two and four-strokes, a step-up from the old DR400s on offer back home (or XR200s in Thailand).

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your tours to anyone who is serious about their riding and about experiencing PNG culture.  Thanks again Pete, it was just awesome.  Special thanks also to Vea, Nos, Dan and Willy for guiding us through some tough country safe and sound.

Hoping we can return one day for some more adventures.

Alf Little / Gladstone

Just back from a recon trip in Papua New Guinea….What an amazing  country for off road enthusiasts. I have ridden in many countries across the world but never in terrain like PNG. The riverbeds, rainforest tracks, highland cliff trails and the amazing Lake Wanum.
Lake Wanum is the ultimate playground for ATV/SSV, rolling green hills as far as you can see. Some of the hills too steep to climb but the best part is the traction….. with no rocks, go anywhere, any line, no rocks, tree stumps, nothing but knee-high grass.
It’s Off-Road Vehicle Heaven.
The people were amazing and loved seeing the bikes, I must have waved to 10 000 people with at least 3 young kids so excited I thought they would burst. The only country you can get arm pump from waving to locals. Goes without saying, I’m going back again.
Colin Lawson, Cairns

I know I speak for us all when I say we had a fuck’n awesome time!!!.  No shortage of first time events and adventures. Thanks heaps for the adventure of a lifetime, PNG was truly “the land of the unexpected”. Looking forward to rolling through there again (being a rock star once a year works for me)

Couldn’t have done it with a better group of blokes, sorry if I held you up or filled you in (not that sorry)

Get up there gang – Tossa (Peter, runs Niugini Dirt) loves a chat and Mal and Young looked after us perfectly on ride days. You won’t be disappointed. Pete / WA

To anyone who is thinking about a PNG trip , stop thinking and take some mates on the best offroad trip you could ever have. We WA boys ( old farts ) did and it was the ducks nuts …..JOHN / WA

Quite surprised by the low injury count – you must have very strong bones! Not so much surprised by the SP count and feel proud to have been a contributing Kiwi from the Buai Boys Tour of 2016. Have to agree with Andrew Langford though – never felt unsafe once. Queenstown on a Friday night scares me more! Keep up the great posts/stories. Simon / NZ

Without a doubt the best overseas trip ive ever had AND WE GOT TO RIDE DIRT BIKES!

We were treated like superstars everywhere we went, the accommodation was way better than expected, air con, great food, unlimited SP lager! Special memory was having a flat tyre in a small jungle village and spending an hr entertaining the locals, within half hr a boy turned up with a bike pump! No idea how far he had to run to get it!.. Perrin / NZ

Tossa well said, mate only been riding with you for a year but loved every minute of it and would the riding have to be the best most scenic and sometime extremely challenging riding I’ve ever done. And value for money if Tossa says it an easy ride and we will be back in 2-3 hours plan for 9 -10 and bring a torch. If you love riding then Tossa gives you riding heaven! — NEIL / LAE PNG

Well said Tossa…… your an absolute legend mate i honestly don’t know how you back it up every time……. clearly not the fittest chap getting around but under those big fat man titties is big fuck off heart…..

THE place for a truly great Adventure. ED / WA