Smoked Bodies / Goldfields / Coffee – 7 Day Tour. Mar 3rd to Mar 10th 2023

SPACE AVAILABLE. Cost AUD4000 / Riding Level – Intermediate

This 7 day tour of the Snake Valley, Edie Creek Goldfields and the Aseki region, doesn’t just highlight the surreal Smoked Bodies of Angepana and the prehistoric Snake Valley.

It showcases much of the history of the region, once famous for its gold rush and basketball court sized gold dredges. It also allows riders to experience (while on the bike) every facet of coffee production – from picking the coffee bean, to grinding and roasting – and finally tasting one of PNG’s finest coffees in ‘Wau Gold’.

Your group will stay at several different locations on this tour, all with good accommodation and meals provided.

This tour finishes in Lae with two days of single trail through lush rain-forests, and an afternoon fishing for yellow-fin tuna.

*This early finish riding on the last day allows for cleanup of gear to meet quarantine requirements

Smoked Bodies of Angapena. A challenging 30 minute uphill walk after leaving the bikes, but well worth the hike
Beer O’clock for the Buai boys from NZ
Dugout Canoes are simply a part of life in PNG and used frequently by Niugini Dirt Tours
Water, Water everywhere
Unseasonal rains can make crossing rivers difficult, lucky we often have help
This 60 degree hill is aptly known as Sphincter Hill
Snowpass Fire Dancers
A Young fan