Smoked Bodies & Snake Valley 7 Day Tour. Feb 3rd to Feb 10th 2023

SPACE AVAILABLE.   Cost AUD4000 / Riding Level – Moderate

Your group will explore barely used roads and trails, through the remote Snake Valley with your destination the surreal ‘Smoked Bodies of Angapena’. Following that you will ride to the summit of Mt Kaindi at Edie Creek at 7,000ft and observe mining operations not much changed in over 100 years. In the Snake Valley a visit will be made to the almost unknown Mapos Caves, where we get a glimpse into PNG’s unique past.

Your group will stay at several different locations on this tour, all with good accommodation and meals provided.

This tour finishes off in Lae with a day at Lake Wanum (the jewel of PNG riding), plus two days of riding in lush tropical forests and through dozens of pristine rivers and picturesque beaches, and finally an afternoon fishing for yellow-fin tuna.

*This early finish riding on the last day allows for cleanup of gear to meet quarantine requirements


Buang, Snake Valley
Pristine clear rivers are abundant in PNG
The Highlight of ANY Papua New Guinea Riding Trip is ‘Lake Wanum’
Fire Dancers of Snowpass
Never a shortage of young fans
Cutting right through virgin rain forest, PNG’s numerous clean flowing rivers often provide respite from the heat and humidity