Niugini Dirt Tours
Niugini Dirt Tours

Experience the incredible culture & scenery of Papua New Guinea, the ‘Land of the Unexpected’ on a KTM 300 or Honda CRF 300 Rally

Check out the Tour Dates page for a tour that suits you or your mates. Or if there are 4 or more of you then talk to us about a tour individually tailored to your needs.

Fire Dancers of Snow Pass
Mudmen of Asaro

Are we safe?? PNG is an amazing country to visit and ride bikes, but it gets a lot of negative press and may intimidate visitors somewhat – the first question most people will ask is, ‘is it safe’. We can put your mind at ease and assure you that you will have the experience of a lifetime and that its as safe as riding in any other developing country

Smoked Bodies of Angapena

“Experience of a lifetime”

“Without a doubt the best overseas trip I’ve ever had AND WE GOT TO RIDE DIRT BIKES! We were treated like superstars everywhere we went, the accommodation was way better than expected, air con, great food, unlimited SP lager! Special memory was having a flat tyre in a small jungle village and spending an hour entertaining the locals, then a boy turned up with a bike pump! No idea how far he had to run to get it!” Perrin / NZ

Cultures of PNG

“These guys are legends!”

“I’ve been meaning to write for months and say thanks again for what was an awesome riding adventure. PNG held the promise of a riding adventure that few had done before me.  A place that might have represented what a Cape York ride would have been like 40 years ago.  A place where the people, the countryside and the riding is like no other. It’s magic there!  From rocky riverbeds and crossings, knee-deep mud, highlands and lakes, villages and towns, kids hiding in the jungle, nothing I’ve seen in Australia quite compares. 5 stars!” Alf / Gladstone

Papua New Guinea

“Land of the Unexpected”

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